Our rooms

In our villa from 1904, all rooms are unique. There are some small budget rooms in our annex, and some bigger, more luxurious rooms with ensuite bathrooms and TV.  And, of course, alternatives in between. Most rooms have a table with chairs, so you can work or write home to your loved ones. The idea of a hostel is to stay at a reasonable price. Therefore, you make your own bed and bring your own bed linen - if you don't decide to rent them from us. There is a guest kitchen where you can prepare your own meals - but during the summer when our café is open, you can also get a small breakfast buffet.

House rules

In order for all guests to have the most comfortable stay, it is important that you follow our simple house rules. 

  • Sleeping bags are not allowed due to hygienic reasons. You can rent bed linen from us if you do not bring your own.
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden indoors, and so are candles and anything else with an open flame.
  • Excessively drunk people will be rejected.
  • Keep all areas clean - that makes us all so much happier!

Any questions? Send us an email!